The Rabbix

Born and raised in Italy, TRX is exposed to the influences of the 80s. He studied to become an industrial designer at the Turin Polytechnic in 2005. He moved to Luxembourg in 2010, where he began his career as a graphic designer.
he collaborates with multinationals in the creation of new campaigns and material of all kinds. he creates illustrations, packaging, videos and product photos.

TRX is lucky enough to travel, he lived in 2009 for a short time in Hong Kong where he recognizes that he was influenced by the pop artists of the time.
In Japan he finds himself visiting dozens of shops to assimilate as much as possible, he breathes pop culture like never before.
In Indonesia he discovers the art of meditation and travels the length and breadth of the island of Java.
South Africa makes him discover the beauty of unspoiled nature.
In the west of the United States he falls in love with his surroundings, so much so that he visits it several times in the short term.

The toy world is a piece of the world of TRX, right now the first toy is out, 100 pieces of thegothcahand. 10″ full resin art toy.
It is just a start, and the love and the passion for this way to express himself is going in the right way.

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