Art-Cade Bites

These creations are born from an idea that blends the passion for pop art, arcade games and the 80s.

By recreating a stylized version of one of the most iconic 80’s arcade games and exploiting the versatility of the resin that has always been the custodian of the artifacts of past years, the Art-cade Bites were born.

            The intention was to use a historical icon of 80s gaming as an incubator of the memories of these years, with the aim of giving collectors and enthusiasts a “taste of that era”.

The purpose of the creations is to bring back games, icons and pop art works of that period, keeping them within an immortal icon of those years, giving a “taste” of the 80s with a touch of design.

The creative phase then developed from this starting point by carrying out experiments with new inclusions.

“Between Pop Art and Street Art, a Neo pop icon: the Art-Cade Bites evoke the essence of the 80s”. Experts say about his works.

Welcome in Art-Cade Bites World!

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