Matteo D’adda

Matteo D’Addabbo, alias Matteo D’Adda, was born in Turin in September 1988.
Since the early 2000s, he has created his works related to writing and post-Street Art.
Over time, with experimentation and research, he began his study linked to the world of contemporary art. Inspired by masters of the past such as Andy Warhol, J. M. Basquiat and Mimmo Rotella, up to more contemporary artists such as Banksy and Mr. Brainwash, he perfects his technique.
His works are the result of various contaminations and teachings, deduced from the study of various artistic techniques, reinterpreted in a modern key.
In 2019, he presents his work “Tacos to Mars” at the Paratissima 15 National Competition, at the former Artillery Academy in Turin.
In 2021 he created “Chuppy ‘$ Pop”, his line of resin sculptures, reinterpreting the cult of the “pacifiers” of the 90s. Also in the same year, he created his line of “Custom Mannequin” (hand-painted mannequins) and the famous limited series “Mickey 3D Wall” (sculptures of Mickey Mouse on a framed panel) and “Mickey 3D Head”. In 2022, he participated in two group exhibitions: AlterEgo & Friends (presenting exclusive works for Pop Corner), created by the Genoese artist Alessandro Piano and ArtePadova2022 with the Passepartout Gallery.
His works are bought by private collectors all over the world.

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