Praline Cosmiche

Praline Cosmiche is a street artist who, since he was a child, has devoted most of his time to drawing and graffiti.

Always in love with the icons of the 80’s, comics, science fiction and video games, he gives back what he has absorbed, reworking it, first in an urban context, then on canvas. More and more he emphasises a pop interpretation, using bright colours to attract attention and choosing current themes, personal, social, ethical and environmental statements.

Hence the reflection of Praline Cosmiche, born from the contrast between the revolution in current events and the symbols typical of the years of American capitalism, when everything seemed possible and carelessness, welfare and the drive towards personal affirmation nourished the lifestyle of that period.

Characterised by the typical revolutionary condition in which street art develops, Praline Cosmiche, with a sarcastic and sometimes cynical irony, rewrites his personal activist streak through art and offers it to the public by means of various techniques in a continuous experiment.

In addition to the expressive means typical of street art, such as spray cans, stencils and acrylic paints, Praline Cosmiche challenges himself with unorthodox tools such as grids to opticalise the texture of the background, bags and sponges to give force and geometry to the compositions, and detergents that prevent the paint from adhering, creating a random stain effect.

Street and pop at the same time, Praline Cosmiche’s artistic path is free and unconventional, responding to the need to express a message of rebellion and the intention to capture everyone’s sensibility by unlocking childhood memories.

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