Paolo Pastorino

Paolo Pastorino was born in Savona in 1974, an artist, son of art, he expresses himself through painting and sculpture. His paintings are the result of an elaborate and complex hyper-realistic painting technique where the study of form and color are the undisputed protagonists. In poetics, where often the issues addressed are those of technology and memory, sculpture and the pictorial medium do not enter into contradiction, but rather, the objective data and the perception of reality, represented by painting, tend to mark the idea of ​​subjective which underlies the sculpture, according to a logic of alteration and transformation that occurs in the joint use of both means. His works, with a strong visual impact and on the verge of real perfection, start from the ironic research and development of technological reality and videogames. Il di lui is a contemporary alphabet contaminated by technological culture, by strictly classic plain colors of the pop world and by a precise use of third-firing precious metals.

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