ALTER EGO Art Prints

22/04/2020 Off By alepiano

Alessandro has been in love with the Bricks since he was a child and the Famous bricks are immortal till today in his life. They are also able to transform into something immortal all games that were common in the ‘80. This is the intention of his work. This is why he started in making “Alter Egos” with all ‘80 games. He wants to let you all make a jump into the past and see our old games in a different and “immortal” way. He’s now making prints on PET out of the pictures done to the Alter Ego he liked most. Alter Ego Art Prints are 42cm x 29,7cm or 29,7cm x 42cm (A3) with the exception of Alter Ego AndyW that is 63cm x 50cm. They have a sign in the front and on the back there is a stamp, a sign and the progressive number with the description of the resin alter ego where picture come from. You will receive the first number available amoung the 20 done of the desired subject. It will be shipped in a reinforced tube.

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